Jness | FAQs
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What is Jness?

Jness is a women’s movement that facilitates an on-going   exploration of what it means to be a woman.  Through open dialogue and development of friendships, Jness engages  women from all over the world  and allows them to discover  the true essence of womanhood…  

What does ‘Jness’ mean?

The meaning Jness is still being realized Every women is part of that discovery.

Where is Jness?

Jness is everywhere, but we also have on-going  friendships in cities in the U.S, Canada, Guatemala, Panama, and Mexico.

How long has Jness been around?

Jness was founded in 2006.

Who can join Jness?

Jness is for any woman seeking to have a deeper understanding of herself, a richer experience of her life and/or has the desire  to build stronger relationships with both men and women.  

Can I join Jness if I am transgender or transexual?

We would be happy to explore whether Jness is the right fit for you.

What is a Jness friendship and how can I join one?

Jness friendships are the foundation of this movement.  Women start their journey with Jness by attending  an Introductory Weekend.  The weekend is 2.5 days packed full of powerful and engaging curriculum.  At the close of the weekend your weekend facilitator will guide women in the process of joining or creating a new friendship.   

Can I take a weekend if there isn’t one happening where I live?

Yes! You can either travel to a location where a Jness weekend is scheduled or coordinate with the woman who invited you to Jness to create one in your home town.

Are there men in Jness?

There are aspects of Jness that  are only open to women.  The Jness Tracks [insert hyperlink],a series of 8 day programs, bring men and women together to explore and determine how both sexes can work together in building more cohesive, harmonious relationships with one another.   

Who do I contact if I have questions about payment?

For all questions about memberships and payments, please contact