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Our Jness is our highly personal version of being a woman; it is an affirmation of our independent life-journey with its lessons, tragedies, and magnificence. No two women are the same. Each of us has a unique, powerful, secret-self, formed from our experiences in life. No one set of words can quite quantify us, and no collection of rules can categorize us. Jness in general, is the personal work of empowered women in this world.

Organized Jness is the journey to find more depth and meaning in our lives connecting us with our personal wisdom through bonded groups of friends, inspired by essential questions, and the sharing of many. Through the workings of Jness we find more of ourselves and reunite with parts lost to fear or social ignorance.








en route

Every woman holds an important piece of the puzzle of “what it means to be a woman”. 

Join us in distilling our innate nature.


Have you ever been with a closest friend, or friends, and desired to create something meaningful? Maybe even something bigger than just a simple project, or some self-serving goal? Possibly a group effort addressing a personal concern about the world where you see meaningful work needs to be done.

Take a minute to think about some of the most meaningful needs of society from your perspective: Is one of these needs world hunger? Or possibly more pressing is the issue of abuse of power in government? Or maybe even more important is a war in a foreign country? Or you might focus upon difficulties closer to home, such as the lack of community in your community, or possibly some type of social prejudice? Or for some, just the simple lack of caring amongst friends and neighbors, is most disturbing. There are many, many other equally important challenges in the world but what is of primary concern is which issues are most important to you directly, personally.

On a spring day in 2006, in a car, driving down the highway, this was the topic of discussion amongst 3 dearest friends; Pam, Marianna, and Keith.

Keith offered an expertise in educational methodology along with a body of knowledge relating to the human dynamic. The most essential thing for both Pam and Marianna was their struggles as women in a world where woman’s values are distorted. Over the next few days, the initial codification for a new method of gender transformation, Jness, was born, from the loving intent of 3 people, who desired to create something meaningful together, to make the world a better place.

Today, just 10 years later, Jness has spread to over 17 locations and has touched women (and men) from all walks of life. With over 1000 hours of ever expanding curriculum and methods of gender empowerment, Jness is one of the most advanced and detailed paths of gender discovery in the world. It is, more importantly, a home community for many, many, compassionate, humanity-minded women of this era.